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Special purpose machinery

Special purpose machinery development is our core competence. Our work starts where standard solutions do not meet your needs anymore. With long-time experience we are able to capture your complex production-processes and -needs and develop technical cost-effective solutions for these.

As a competent partner for our associates we have for example developed in the past:

• Automotive industry: Riveting machinery for steering columns
• Furniture industry: Rig and packaging machinery for shelves
• Consumer goods industry: Riveting machinery for lawnmower bodies
• Pharmaceutical industry: packaging machinery for glass-ampoules
• Construction industry: Processing machinery for fencing posts

Our expertise ranges from assembly-workplaces to completely integrated production solutions. At texmato we use a wide variety of technologies:

• riveting, clamping and screwing
• bonding and grouting
• drilling and milling (wood and metal)
• welding (metal and plastics)

Furthermore we can provide complex transportation, handling and packaging solutions:

• Conveyors and handling devices for goods weighing from a few grams to several hundred kilograms.
• Cost-effective Pick-And-Place devices
• Automation with industrial robots including development and construction of claws and tools.

Please contact us at texmato if you are looking for a specific solution for your needs.

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