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Solutions for the furniture industry

Production of lath floors

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Machines for automated assembling of side-mouldings with connectors

The machine is charged with predrilled side-mouldings and the hopper with connectors. The machine then takes mouldings from the stack and automatically presses the connectors into the predrilled holes. The assembled part is then placed in another stack.
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Machines for automated clamping of caps on side-mouldings

The machine works as described above. Side-moulding and cap stacks are charged manually and the machine then clamps the caps automatically on a side-moulding. Amount and distance of clamps can be programmed easily based on your needs. When using different caps, the machine can be easily adapted by changing the claw.

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Machines for placing Rapid-Clips

Looking for machines to automatically place Rapid-Clips? Please contact our Sales Department.
Machine for automatically inserting flat springs (sinuous loop springs) into prefinished frames
This machine automatically inserts flat springs (sinuous loop springs) into prefinished frames. The frames (for e. g. for sofas or upholstery seats) have previously been fitted with plastic clips.
Miscellaneous Series Machines and Devices

Machine for automatically wrapping up spring cores or other plane materials for space-saving handling and transport.
Assembly Tables
This Assembly Table was designed and constructed for assembling bed frames and other frames. It can be modified for other uses.
Assembly Tables with Elevating Device
Height Adjustable Assembly Table with these Properties:
- 550 – 800 mm table height
- Load respectively lifting force up to 5 tons
- Measurement: 4000 x 1250 mm
- 40 mm thick plastics table plate
- Electromotive lift via 4 trapezoidal screw drive
- Please ask for other dimensions and applications

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